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With MSW Group, PLC's broad range of financial services, our clients are better informed and considerably more qualified to make wise personal and business decisions. This also allows us to offer expertise in your specific area of need, and provide you with a comprehensible plan. Our staff has worked with an impressive list of clients in many fields. As a result, they possess a great deal of experience hands-on experience, by working on-site with our clients. To sum it up, ours is a business where talent makes the difference. And over the years we have learned to discover, recruit and hire the best.

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Also keep this in mind: With our large inventory of products, combined with our personal attention, you're able to take in account all relevant options see the big picture so important in a world of constant change. A hundred years ago John Ruskin wrote: "There is only one way to see a thing rightly, and that is to see the whole of it." Resonating deep within our advanced IT systems here at MSW Group, PLC, that piece of wisdom prevails. Click on the services we provide...and see for yourself.

CPA Services
At MSW Group, PLC our services extend far beyond traditional roles. We've developed programs and products to help clients take full advantage of many financial opportunities, including those introduced by Information Age technologies.

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Traditional Services

Accounting and Auditing
CPA's have a trusted role in the examination of financial statements. These statements are frequently submitted to interested parties and become the basis for independent opinions as to the state of an individual's or a company's financial fitness. Although this function is only one of many diverse activities in which an accounting firm must be competent, at MSW Group, PLC we recognize its decisive role and have established an accounting and auditing department with significant expertise in this area.

Tax Services
Effective tax planning is not just a once-a-year exercise. We work with our clients on a year-round basis to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to provide both solutions and opportunities. These include proactive planning for potential tax savings, insightful tax return preparation, and a comprehensive overview of all tax related areas. Tax laws are complex and continually changing. They require not only understanding, but oftentimes interpretation, which calls for diligence, experience and foresight, a job description our CPAs fill perfectly.

Valuation and Litigation Services

Business Valuation Services
MSW Group, PLC can assist you in a number of situations which require a valuation. In conducting gifting programs, mergers and acquisitions, the sale of your business, divorce settlements, and the evaluation of your business for estate tax purposes, we work closely with your other professional advisors, and can assist your attorney if expert testimony is needed. Personal attention and observing details are our strengths here.

Litigation Support
In the event of litigation, MSW Group, PLC  is available to assist as either consultants or expert witnesses. Our areas of expertise include such activities as shareholder disputes, breach of contract, personal injury, malpractice claims, insurance claims, and divorce settlements. Our firm's reputation and the impressive credentials of our financial professionals lend considerable credibility to the opinions and conclusions we submit in litigation matters.

Most people today understand the difficulty in trying to predict the future, which is all the more reason for careful planning while you may not be able see into the future, at MSW Group, PLC we'll help you make sure you're prepared for it.

Estate Planning
MSW Group , PLC provides a range of services to help you develop a thorough and comprehensive estate planning strategy. The benefits include features such as preservation and enhancement of personal wealth; tax savings; identification and preparation of retirement needs; asset transfer to heirs; and life insurance considerations. Estate planning is one of those moments when a friendly, sophisticated approach such as ours is most appreciated.

Corporate Planning
Our financial consulting services help clients establish sound, efficient, and cost-effective systems to control present costs and develop accurate forecasts for the future. Affiliated services include business valuations, buy/sell agreements, and mergers and acquisitions. We also work with clients to locate financing when necessary. Importantly, our professional access to timely data allows us to evaluate the rapid changes and technological developments affecting businesses today. This information can be of considerable value in developing future plans.

MSW Group, PLC, in association with the Walter J. Donovan & Associates Insurance Agency, L.L.C., provides insurance consulting and sales to both individuals and businesses. The advantage we offer is that clients of MSW Group, PLC  are able to look at their insurance needs as part of their overall financial picture. It's an example of how the breadth of MSW Group, PLC  services make possible the integration of separate products into a single, cohesive program to produce optimum solutions.

We offer universal life insurance, whole life, term and second-to-die options, for estate planning and individual uses. Our placement record is outstanding.

We provide both group and individual coverage, as well as buy-sell and key person policies, business overhead, and policies to cover business loans. We also have programs available for companies where three or more employees insured by the same disability carrier, even if they have different policies, can earn discounts by enrolling at the same time.

Long Term Care & Critical Care
We offer long term care policies to protect you against the devastating costs of nursing homes and home health care. We also provide critical care insurance to protect your lifestyle during a critical illness.

Retirement Plans
401K plans and simple IRA's are available, as are fixed and index annuities. Group Insurance Life and accidental death, disability, dental, vision, and health are available. In addition, we can service Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana and takeovers for existing groups.

Individual Health
Individual health insurance policies are available from several major insurers.

BDO Seidman Alliance

As a BDO Seidman Alliance member, MSW Group, PLC, is a separate and distinct entity; therefore, the name of our firm remains MSW Group, PLC and our identity does not change.  In addition, there is no ownership or partnership agreement with BDO Seidman, LLP.

As an Alliance member, our firm can access the resources and technical knowledge of BDO Seidman LLP and its international organization, with the overall purpose of more completely servicing our clients.  In addition to offering us the opportunity to conduct business regionally, nationally, and globally, the BDO Seidman Alliance enhances our capabilities through the availability of supplementary professional services, comprehensive management consulting services, professionals with experience in a wide range of industries, and internal training programs.

For trusted advice anywhere around the world, you can turn to MSW Group, PLC.

Greystone Financial Group, Inc.

Specializing In Integrated Wealth Management

Ranked by Blumberg Capital among the top 400 money managers in the country, Greystone Financial Group, Inc. provides comprehensive personal financial planning expertise to MSW Group, PLC clients.

Our Mission:  Our mission is to maximize the financial resources of our clients by providing the knowledge, guidance and discipline necessary to create, manage and protect wealth in a dynamic economic environment. 

Team Members:  John E. Mullins, CPA/PFS, CFP  Todd R. Moss, CFP  James P. Martin, CFA  David M. Robinson, CFP, CLU, ChFC

Representative Clients:  Successful individuals and families with higher net worth, corporate executives and owners of closely-held businesses.

Areas of Experience:  Investment Analysis and portfolio management, retirement planning, business succession planning and insurance/risk management.

E-ccounting Solutions, LLC

Through our relationship with E-ccounting Solutions, LLC, we offer specialized seminars and manuals to help you successfully use QuickBooks to manage your business accounting. Learn how to enter data and track vital statistics of your business, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Banking, and Inventory.

The founding members, Lisa McCarthy and Christine Galli, recognized as two of the nation's leading speakers on QuickBooks accounting software, have developed and conducted seminars for business owners, bookkeepers and accountants across the country.

QuickBooks Manuals:  These comprehensive manuals guide the user to effectively utilize and customize the powerful accounting features, forms and reports available in QuickBooks.  Each manual is packed with over 200 pages of visual aids, step-by-step instructions, and tips & tricks.

  • QuickBooks for the Everyday User
  • QuickBooks for Contractors
  • QuickBooks for Professional Services

QuickBooks Seminars:  Attend one of E-ccounting Solution's instructor-led seminars and provide your staff with the opportunity to learn all the features, tools and reports available in QuickBooks.  Visit E-ccounting Solutions, LLC at http://www.eccountingsolutions.net and register for an upcoming seminar!




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Financial Calculators
How much house can you afford? Should you lease that new car? How much should you be saving for retirement? We offer a large suite of online financial calculators to assist you in your planning for home and personal finance, investments, retirement and leasing.